Regulating Teens

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STEVE SCHMIDT: Senator Leslie authored the Teen Driver Safety Act of 1997, Schmidt is his communications director TOM MCCLINTOCK : Assemblyman from the thirty-eighth district and Republican Whip. He has been active in Republican politics since 1972. LUCIA HODGSON : Director of Gaylord-Donnelley Children and Youth Studies Center at Crossroads School. Author of recently released book, "Raised in Captivity: Why does America fail its children?" LIBBY HIGGINS : 17 year-old senior at Burbank High School. Founded an honors society, Hall Society, (as in hallowed halls) based on an honor code, its goal is to gain respect and have a voice in administration. LIBBY HARDIGAN : Managing Editor of L.A. Youth, the ten year-old newspaper by and about teenagers in Los Angeles. JOHN WALLACE: Sixteen year-old senior at Burbank High School. CAPTAIN STUART MAISLIN : Commanding Officer of Juvenile Division, of the Los Angeles Police Department. Has spent 18 and a half years with this department. JACKIE GOLDBERG: L.A. CITY COUNCILWOMAN, represents 13th district, Hollywood. PETER KURAN: Leading special effects artist in the film industry, who's credits include Star Wars, Robocop, Ghostbusters, Beatlejuice and most recently Starship Troopers.




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