Riordan; Mental Illness

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For 30 years, involuntary commitment of the mentally ill has been illegal in California-unless they're a danger to themselves or others. That's done away with the state mental hospitals that used to be compared to prisons. But it's also put many troubled people out on the streets, and caused anguish for them and their families. Tonight, we'll look at the latest effort to change the law while still protecting the rights of the mentally ill.
  • Newsmaker:Reflections of an Outgoing Mayor -- Tomorrow in North Hollywood, Richard Riordan will deliver his final State of the City speech as Mayor of LA. Warren Olney discusses the issues of Los Angeles in this one-on-one interview.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Legal Grind -- Legal Services can be very expensive-even in an affluent, middle class town like Santa Monica. A coffee shop called The Legal Grind is making it life-style friendly to talk to your lawyer. Eric Roy reports from the Legal Grind on Lincoln Boulevard.

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