Shriver Steps Up in Santa Monica

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Campaign contributions alone would establish him as a celebrity politician. They came from Warren Beatty, Annette Benning, Robert De Niro, Mel Brooks, and a lot of other Hollywood types. But, it-s the name that makes all the difference. Bobby Shriver is the nephew of John, Robert and Edward Kennedy and the brother-in-law of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, he-s the Santa Monica City Councilman who got the most votes in this week-s election. Tonight, we'll hear whether Bobby Shriver wants to make change in what used to be called The People-s Republic of Santa Monica.
  • Making News: Studios to Follow Music Industry, Sue over Online Piracy
    You can uplink and you can download, but you can-t hide, says Dan Glickman, who-s replaced Jack Valenti at the Motion Picture Association of America. Today, the former Congressman announced the intention of movie studios to file lawsuits against anybody who is illegally trading digital copies of movies over the Internet. Jesse Hiestand of the Hollywood Reporter has the story on the MPAA's legal offensive to online piracy.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: After 27 Years, First AME Pastor Steps Down
    After the deadly violence of 1992, Rev. Cecil -Chip- Murray became a household name all over LA and in much of the rest of the country. A voice of restraint, he also demanded change in the social conditions that led to America-s worst civil disturbance of the 20th century. But long before that, he was a major figure in the black community and beyond. Now, after 27 years as pastor of the First AME Church, Murray has reached the mandatory retirement age of 75, and on Sunday, he-ll deliver his last sermon as pastor.

Motion Picture Association of America

Hiestand's article on the MPAA's legal offensive to online piracy



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