Is AARP Leading the Way to Cuts in Social Security?

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Is AARP Leading the Way to Cuts in Social Security?Last week, the Wall Street Journal quoted John Rother, policy director of the AARP saying, "The ship was sailing. I wanted to be at the wheel when that happens." What he was talking about was AARP's decision that cuts in Social Security might be necessary. In Washington, and around the country, the reaction was deafening. Had AARP changed its position? Should Social Security become part of deficit reduction? We hear an argument directly affecting America's most reliable voting bloc.


David Certner - AARP, Arthur Delaney - Huffington Post - @ArthurDelaneyHP, Ryan McConaghy - Third Way, Roger Hickey - Campaign for America's Future - @RogerHickey, Fred Lynch - Claremont McKenna College - @CMCtoday

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