State Set to Release Thousands of Female Inmates

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Some 4000 women inmates may be released from California prisons to live at home with their children. It's part of the effort to relieve overcrowded institutions, and the Department of Corrections says it might prevent the children from leading lives of crime. We hear what conditions the women will have to meet. Also, the Northern California company was called the future of green energy by President Obama. Now that Solyndra is bankrupt, his administration says it was the Bush Administration's idea. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the "Arab Spring" and diplomacy in the Middle East.

Banner image: The Female Offender Treatment and Employment Program is a residential based program partnership between CDCR and Walden House. It's goal is to provide a smooth transition for women leaving prison and getting back into society. Photo courtesy of the California Departmnt of Corrections and Rehabilitation