Storms, State Budget Derail Transportation Funding

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The latest report on California-s Transportation system says it-s -in crisis and on the verge of collapse,- and damage from recent storms will only make matters worse. Former Governor Gray Davis put a freeze on transportation projects, and Governor Schwarzenegger is extending it. That means no money for new roads and highways, and no new money to help prevent the existing infrastructure from further deterioration. Beyond maintaining the freeze, the Governor's budget diverts a billion in gasoline taxes from transportation to education and deficit reduction. We hear what it all means for the economy from Bob Balgenorth of the California Transportation Commission and John Semcken of the LA Chamber of Commerce.
  • Making News: Sewage Flows from LA River to the Pacific
    Two weeks of uninterrupted rain meant two weeks worth of untreated sewage dumped into the ocean. Marc Gold is Executive Director of Heal the Bay.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Secretary of State Kevin Shelley in Trouble
    Last August, the San Francisco Chronicle raised questions about taxpayer money in the campaign accounts of Kevin Shelley. Since then, the Secretary of State's been accused of mishandling federal money in preparing for last year-s presidential election. Shelley has until 10am tomorrow to decide if he-ll testify before the Legislature-s Joint Audit Committee. Christian Berthelesen-s covering the on-going saga for the San Francisco Chronicle.

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