Tackling the Southland-s Rising Gang Violence

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In 1992, there were more than a thousand killings in Los Angles. In 1996, the figure dropped to 419. This year has already seen 592 murders, a disproportionate number of them occurring in South Central LA. After 13 possible homicides this weekend, 7 people were shot last night and one died in less than an hour. Concerned that LA might soon become the nation-s homicide capital, Police Chief William Bratton has ordered a sustained crackdown on gangs in that neighborhood. Can he avoid a repeat of Rampart? Will LA-s gang problem require different strategies from those he used in New York? We hear more about public safety, civil rights and law enforcement from an assistant chief of the LAPD, a community activist, and a former gang member who-s now involved in gang intervention programs and is about to graduate from Cal State LA.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Barber on the Democrats
    Since the midterm elections, Democrats have been struggling over whether to get on board with Republicans or go back to being the loyal opposition? Benjamin Barber, head of Maryland University-s Democracy Collaborative, is telling Hollywood liberals about another way, by reframing old issues into a fresh new global vision. Barber will be speaking tonight and tomorrow night at the LA County Art Museum-s Institute for Art and Cultures.

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