Tea Parties around the Country and Jobs in LA

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 Mayor Villaraigosa has hired a world-class business tycoon to make LA more "business friendly" and create jobs by getting in on the Green Revolution. We hear from Austin Beutner. We also talk with Bill Gross of eSolar in Pasadena, who says China is employing California technology to outstrip the US. On our rebroadcast of To the Point, one faction of the "tea party" movement will stage a national convention next month. It'll cost $549 to hear Sarah Palin make the keynote speech. Who are the tea-partiers?  Do they have that kind of money?  Are they a force for change or just scornful Republicans?

Banner image: Mayor Villaraigosa speaks with First Deputy Mayor and Chief Executive for Economic and Business Policy, Austin Beutner



Warren Olney