The Cost to California of Invading, Occupying Iraq

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The latest statewide Field poll shows that two out of every three Californians don-t think the Iraq intervention is worth it. But they're paying for it anyway. Some 97 Californians have died in Iraq, and the state-s portion of federal taxes pays a lot of the bills for war and occupation. How much education, health care and other social services could California get for the same money? Warren Olney speaks with journalists, government watchdogs and economists about what it-s costing and what else could be bought for the money.
  • Making News: Appeals Court Backs Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law
    It was approved overwhelmingly by voters, but the Attorney General has tried to stymie the only assisted-suicide law in the nation. If doctors prescribe overdoses, as the Oregon law allows, John Ashcroft has threatened to prosecute them in federal court. Today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal ruled that Ashcroft was exceeding his authority. Former Oregon state legislator George Eighmey, executive director of Compassion in Dying, has more on the little used but crucial law.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Governor's 'Flex Your Power at the Pump' Campaign
    The word from Sacramento today is -lead by example.- Governor Schwarzenegger wants business and government leaders to show how to save on gas and protect the environment by observing his -Flex Your Power at the Pump" program. Will he give up his Hummer? Sierra Club lobbyist Bill Magavern commends the Governor's new campaign to cut gasoline consumption but says it doesn't go nearly far enough.

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