The Debate Over Group Housing in LA Neighborhoods

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After 5 years of wrangling, the LA City Council is scheduled to vote soon on a proposed crack down against overcrowded group homes in single-family neighborhoods. In December, four people were murdered in a Northridge home where almost 20 had been living in squalid conditions. That’s given new life to a much-debated LA City Council proposal to crack down on unsafe, overcrowded group homes in residential neighborhoods. More than 40 homeowner groups and associations are supportive… but opponents say it will throw needy people into the street. Last month’s quadruple murder in Northridge may put it over the top.  But critics call that a smokescreen for NIMBY homeowner groups that will close down legitimate, well-run facilities for the old, sick and disabled as well as parolees and recovering addicts.         




Warren Olney