The Dirty Little Secret of LA-s Harbors

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The combined Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are a massive economic engine, but they-re also the biggest single source of air pollution in Southern California. That-s no secret to people who live in San Pedro or Wilmington. For years, they've complained of respiratory illnesses and high rates of cancer. Now, the Natural Resources Defense Council has compared the local ports to others around the country, handed out letter grades for pollution mitigation, and demanded a clean-up for the worst offenders. We hear from the NRDC and ask port authorities what they're doing to cut smog and protect local communities. NRDC attorney Julie Masters wrote the report, called -Harboring Pollution: the Dirty Truth about US Ports.- Geraldine Knatz directs environmental planning for the Port of Long Beach.
  • Making News: Governor Schwarzenegger's Indecency Trial
    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger won't have to testify in a libel suit filed against him by a woman who claims he sexually assaulted him during the making of one of his movies. But after Rhonda Miller's allegations became public, Schwarzenegger's campaign made some rather damning allegations of its own. Greg Krikorian, who has been following the story for the LA Times, has an update.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: New Direction for the LA Cultural Affairs Department
    When LA Mayor Jim Hahn proposed eliminating the Cultural Affairs Department to save money, arts supporters mobilized their outrage. So, rather than dissolve the department, Hahn decided to streamline it and give it a new mandate to increase tourism by promoting cultural attractions. Mayor Hahn has asked John Emerson, chairman and CEO of the Music Center, to head an Advisory Council for the Arts.

Krikorian's article on libel suit against Governor Schwarzenegger

Air Quality Management District (AQMD)

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California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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Mayor Hahn's pledge to preserve Cultural Affairs Department



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