The Energy Crisis: Politics and Reality

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The Bush Administration says gasoline prices will continue to rise for at least three years in what's being called a new "energy crisis." As Republicans and Democrats criticize each other, both admit there's not much they can do in the short term. Meantime, Europe is ahead of the US in preparing for a world without oil. Why don't American oil and auto companies cooperate to help get consumption under control? Is government really the answer? Is California ahead of the rest of the nation? We hear from an energy policy expert and Governor Schwarzenegger's special advisor on energy and the environment. (An extended version of this discussion originally aired earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Making News: A Football Team for Los Angeles?
    Governor Schwarzenegger and Mayor Villagaigosa and Mayor Kurt Pringle of Anaheim all went to Dallas today to lobby the NFL for teams in Los Angeles. Alan Abrahamson was there, too, for the Los Angeles Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Black Community Reacts to Immigration Protests
    Hundreds of thousands turned out yesterday on behalf of immigrants' rights, but the biggest crowds were here in Southern California. The crowds were diverse, and polls show a lot of support, including that of African Americans. But black America is not a monolith and polls may not show the entire picture. LA-based social critic Jasmyne Cannick stresses that coalition building would greatly benefit both communities.

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