The Homeless of Skid Row

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Last week on skid row in downtown Los Angeles one man smoked crack and another shot heroin in the presence of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. LA Times columnist Steve Lopez also was on the scene, which Police Chief William Bratton calls "the worst situation in America." An encounter with one-time aspiring musician Nathaniel Anthony Ayers led Lopez to skid row and formed the basis for a five-part series on the situation there. Will Villaraigosa's promise to "take on the challenge" that put him in conflict with a civil rights group he used to lead, the ACLU? We talk with Lopez about what he found in the place where "LA hits rock bottom," and the "demons" are winning.
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    After months of appearing at so-called "town halls" with questioners carefully chosen, Arnold Schwarzenegger is scheduled to face real questions from real voters tonight in northern California. Meantime, just 17 days before the November special election, the Governor's campaign has pulled a TV ad that features him asking support for his slate of four ballot initiatives. Shanto Iyengar is Professor of Communications and Political Science at Stanford.

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