The Nanny Dilemma

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Dr. Alice Walker Duff: Co-Founder and Executive Director, Crystal Stairs, one of California's largest private non-profit child development agencies. Curt Pringle: Republican Assemblyman from Garden Grove, former Assembly leader. Sandy Bieda: Senior Secretary, Human Resources for Texaco. Victor Naro: Coordinator, Workers Rights Project, Chirla -- The Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights of Los Angeles Deborah Campos: Owner, Meet My Maids Employment Agency of West LA, which is in its fifteenth year of business. Warren Johnson: Vice President, Counter Spy Shops of Mayfair, London, the makers of the NannyCam. Paul Rossi: Program Manager, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. Ron Carey: President, Teamsters Union

topic: Homeless Shelters Still Closed



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