War and Peace and the Nobel Prize

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laureate_obama.jpgPresident Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize today with humility and a defense of the war in Afghanistan. He said the use of force can bring lasting peace. Compared to others who've won the prize, he called his own accomplishments "slight." We hear excerpts of today's "lecture" and get different reactions. Why did he get the prize? Was it premature? Was the Nobel committee sending a message? Did it create an embarrassing contradiction?

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Kjell Dragnes - Foreign Editor, Aftenposten, Jeff Zeleny - New York Times - @jeffzeleny, Allan Lichtman - American University; author of “The Embattled Vote in America: From the Founding to the Present" - @AllanLichtman, Richard Grenell - media observer and former diplomat - @richardgrenell, Johan Bergenas - Research Associate, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Warren Olney

Sonya Geis, Katie Cooper