The On-Again Off-Again Execution of Michael Morales

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After two anesthesiologists walked away and his midnight execution was cancelled, Michael Morales' fate has been up in the air. A prison spokesman read their statement saying it was "ethically unacceptable" to follow the wishes of Federal Judge Jeremy Fogel, who wanted doctors to certify that Morales was not still conscious when lethal doses of chemicals were injected into his veins. Officials at San Quentin State Prison then set a new time of 7:30 tonight in hopes that a federal judge would agree to a new method for demonstrating that Morales' death by lethal injection would not be cruel and unusual punishment. As we speak, a few hours before the rescheduled execution, the issue is clouded with uncertainty. We get an update and consider whether officials are "tinkering" with the mechanism of death.
  • Making News: The Resignation of Martin Ludlow
    Just last year, Martin Ludlow resigned from the LA City Council to head up the County Federation of Labor. Today, because of a federal investigation, he resigned from that job. Harold Meyerson, who covers labor as political editor for the LA Weekly and is a columnist for the Washington Post and editor-at-large of the American Prospect magazine, has more on the implications of Ludlow's resignation and rumored plea bargain.

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