The Only Female Elected Official in the City of LA

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Nury Martinez won yesterday’s election to LA’s 6th City Council District in the East San Fernando Valley.  She defeated former State Senator Cindy Montanez 55% to 45%.  Martinez was a member of the LA Unified School Board, who now works for the DWP.  After Jan Perry’s departure from the City Council and Cindy Greuel’s defeat in the race for mayor, Nury Martinez is now the only female elected official in Los Angeles. 

On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, after months of debate about gun control, immigration and government spying, President Obama has begun an effort to turn Washington’s attention back to the economy.  We’ll hear about today’s first speech in a new public relations campaign as Republicans take aim at all his priorities, new and old.

Banner image courtesy Nury Martinez for City Council



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