Transition to a New President

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The nation waits for a ruling from Florida as two potential administrations try to prepare for life in Washington. But Veterans of presidential transitions say time for a smooth transfer of power is slipping by. We'll get some sage advice for a peaceful transition of power from aides to previous Republican and Democratic presidents, and hear about two veterans of partisan Congressional battles who are preparing for more.
  • Newsmaker: Orange County Healthcare System - Will Orange County's Board of Supervisors defy the will of its own constituents? Voters recently approved Measure H, dedicating tobacco-settlement money to be spent mostly for health care, but a majority of the elected board wants this year's allotment to pay off government debt. Michele Revelle speaks for the Orange County Medical Association, a major sponsor of Measure H.
  • Reporter's Notebook: SAG & AFTRA Early Meeting - Can Hollywood avoid a crippling strike? Reports that an entertainment industry-strike are all but inevitable may be exaggerated. David Robb, who reports for The Hollywood Reporter, tells us about the peace offering Hollywood unions have made to studio heads and network executives.



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