Updating the Iraqi Struggle for Democracy

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A month after the interim Iraqi government has taken over, there is fear that elections scheduled for early 2005 will be postponed due to insurgents' ongoing deadly attacks against Iraqis and Americans. Last week's Saudi proposal to reinforce security forces in Iraq is facing lukewarm reaction from Arab and Muslim countries that would comprise the coalition. This weekend, a conference of 1,000 representatives to select a 100-member national council was canceled at the last minute. Guest host Diana Nyad updates Iraq's continuing struggle for democracy with Middle East experts, a reporter in Baghdad, and an advisor to the Saudi ambassador in London. (This segment is an edited version of one heard earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Making News: Bratton-Hahn Press Conference on Terror Alert
    Homeland Security today responded to a "credible threat" from al Qaeda targeting financial institutions on the East Coast. In Los Angeles, Mayor Hahn and Police Chief William Bratton briefed the press on local response to today's Homeland Security announcement. Greg Krikorian of the Los Angeles Times reports on LA's heightened security efforts, including a special tactical exercise at the Port of Los Angeles.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Assessing Threats
    Although there have been threats in the past, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge today called the newest information highly specific and -chilling in its scope, in its detail, in its breadth.- Brian Jenkins, a senior analyst at the Rand Corporation and founder of its program on terrorism expounds on intelligence efforts to assess what's credible.
Guest host Diana Nyad holds the world record for the longest swim without the aid of a cage -- from Bimini to Florida, 102.5 miles! She was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2002. She's a business sports columnist for Marketplace, and has served as senior sports correspondent for Fox News, and hosted her own show on CNBC. She's written three books, Other Shores, Basic Training and The Keyshawn Johnson Story.

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