US Census - Science or Politics?

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Tomorrow is the deadline for a decision on whether to adjust the final numbers of the 2000 census. The census bureau admits it missed millions of US residents, which could result in the loss of billions of dollars in federal aid. Yet statistical anomalies and geographically uneven discrepancies have moved to bureau to recommend against statistical adjustments. A former bureau director and a statistician advising the Commerce Secretary on the head count discuss methodology and what it means for local governments. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Governor Announces Power Contracts - California has lined up 40 long-term contracts to help keep the state's power flowing. Steve Maviglio, press secretary for Governor Davis, talks about the signing's impact on energy supply, demand, transmission lines, the future of utilities, and the need for continued aggressive conservation measures.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Nearly 50 Cities to Vote Tuesday - The Los Angeles Times' Hugo Martin updates us on two non-binding referendums, Southgate's vote on a much needed power plant, and Pasadena's 710-freeway extension. He also talks about the West Hollywood measure to require businesses to hand out condoms and AIDS awareness information.

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