Venice Boardwalk Ordinance Dispute

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Venice Beach attracts more than a million visitors on a sunny weekend, and they don't come to see people in three-piece suits. But tomorrow, the LA City Council may impose the heavy hand of civic order on a tourist attraction beloved as a place where no rules apply. On the beach-side of the Venice boardwalk, venders read palms, apply henna tattoos or sell puppies, all battling each other daily for the rent-free space. While store-owners on the other side say that's not fair, one tarot-card reading astrologist warns that the proposed lottery will "suck the life out of Venice." We get a preview of what the Council will face tomorrow and a look at the possible future of a sanitized tourist attraction.
  • Making News: Pappas Telecasting Gives Free Air Time to Republicans
    Pappas Telecasting, with stations from Sacramento to San Diego, is giving out free air-time--but only to Republican central committees. Democrats are outraged, and claim that they're entitled to equal time. Ray Locker is editor for the Associated Press in Sacramento, which broke the story.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Libertarian Vies for Boxer's US Senate Seat
    Democratic US Senator Barbara Boxer and Republican challenger Bill Jones kept their one televised debate to themselves. The Libertarian candidate, Superior Court Judge Jim Gray, wasn't invited. Maybe he would have improved the ratings. Just because he's a candidate with no chance of winning does not stop Gray from sharing his thoughts on the Patriot Act, fiscal irresponsibility and marijuana reform.

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