Vietnam War Haunts Presidential Campaign

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One man saw combat, one man didn---t. Three decades after the fact, the Vietnam War records of presidential candidates George Bush and John Kerry are under scrutiny and attack as never before. Why is this an issue now? How do Americans decide who they trust as commander-in-chief? What effect will all the ads and mudslinging about privilege and service have on voters when they go to the polls in November? Guest host Sara Terry discusses how the 30 year-old war records are shaping political debate today with historians, experts on the media and journalists on both sides of the issue.
  • Making News: Ambassador Hotel to Become K-12 Public School
    The 83 year-old Ambassador Hotel, once the playground of the rich and famous, and the scene of Robert Kennedy---s assassination, is scheduled to be transformed into a public school. LA Unified School Superintendent Roy Romer has announced plans to preserve elements of the original hotel in the new design. Cara Mia DiMassa, who covers the LA Unified School District for the Los Angeles Times, offers an update on plans for the 23-acre site.
Guest host Sara Terry is an award-winning writer and photographer, who has written for the Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, Fast Company, Rolling Stone and the Boston Globe. Her photo-documentary project, Aftermath: Bosnia's Long Road to Peace, will be published in September, 2005.

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