What Cost Public Service?

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Peter Overby: National Public Radio Reporter, based in Washington. Mike Galudin: Special Assistant and Director of Communications for Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit. Mark Goff: Spokesman for the Four Feathers Casino Partnership, whose casino plans were turned down by the Interior Department and that subsequently sued. Lyn Nofziger: Consultant, Carmen Group,. Former press secretary for President Reagan, former official in both Reagan and Nixon White Houses. Erwin Chemerinsky: Professor of law, University of Southern California, specialist in constitutional law. Member of elected City Charter Reform Commission. James Maddock: FBI Special Agent in Charge, Sacramento Division. Former Deputy General Counsel at FBI Headquarters State Senator John Burton: Newly elected Senate Majority leader, Democratic Senator from San Francisco. Richard Norton: Principal, Berger and Norton, a Santa Monica law firm specializing in representing property owners whos property has been taken or damaged. Congressman Bob Barr: Republican Congressman from Georgia.

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