What Should We Tell Children about the Crisis?

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On September 11, LA School Superintendent, Roy Romer, issued a set of security measures and guidelines for helping kids cope with the terrorist attack. Since then, kids have been heard from, in the papers and on TV, with sentiments ranging from anger to fear attempting to understand. Now, almost a month after the terrorists struck, what's going on in the schools? Is there more security? Less TV? Is it back to business as usual? Tonight, we'll hear from a parent, a teacher and the President of LA's elected school board.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Guggenheim Opens Two Museums on the Vegas Strip - Impressionist art from Russia's Hermitage Museum was co-featured with "The Art of the Motorcycle." This unlikely duo was teamed up by the Guggenheim Foundation which opened two new museums in Las Vegas yesterday. Joining us is Doug Saunders, Los Angeles Bureau Chief of The Globe and Mail, Canada's largest paper.



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