What Would Steve Westly Be Like as Governor?

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Last week, State Treasurer and former developer Phil Angelides told WWLA the only way to get California out of the red and move forward is to raise taxes on wealthy Californians. While that sounds good to liberal Democrats, Steve Westly's appealing to moderates and those Independents who will turn out in November. Westly, who made a reported $100 million as an executive at the online auction company eBay, is completing his second term as State Controller. Is he a real Democrat? On this day before Election Day, we try again to get past the attack ads and negative rhetoric in this year's Democratic primary for Governor. We hear from Westly tonight.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Do Voters Have Election Fatigue?
    Secretary of State Bruce McPherson predicts a turnout tomorrow of 38 percent of registered voters. A lot of people think that's optimistic. We get two opinions, from Republican consultant Tony Quinn, co-editor of the California Target Book, and Kim Alexander, founder and President of the California Voter Foundation, which helps the Secretary of State produce the nonpartisan California Online Voter Guide.

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