Who Is LA, Twenty Years after the Riots?

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In this second in a week of special programs, we consider how the Rodney King riot of 1992 shaped the city we know today. We start at what's often called the epicenter of the civil disturbance, the place where Reginald Denny was pulled out of his truck and brutally beaten, while millions watched on TV. A white man, he was beaten by black rioters. It's important to point out that it was also black people who rescued Denny and saved his life. What is it like there today? How did America's worst civil disturbance of the 20th Century shape our perceptions about the most diverse metropolitan center in the United States, perhaps in the world?


(L-R) Kyeyoung Park, Manuel Pastor and Martha Arevalo
in the KCRW Studios


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Warren Olney