Why Aren't Californians Showing Up to Vote?

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Despite the hot race between Richard Riordan and Bill Simon, one of California's leading pollsters says he's had a hard time getting an accurate survey because he can't find enough Republicans who are likely to vote. Among Democrats, there's even less interest. Whatever happened to the "every vote counts" response to the presidential election of 2000? Where are all the flag-waving patriots that surfaced after September 11? We hear from a non-voter who has the guts to admit it, and ask experts why so many Californians, young and old alike, don't bother to exercise their privilege of citizenship.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Keeping Track of Campaign Promises
    What happens to a campaign promise after election day? The California Voter Foundation is trying to find out. Executive Director Kim Alexander reports that the group's Internet archive allows everyone from lobbyists to citizen activists to make sure that campaign promises don't evaporate the day after the election.

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