Will LA's Neighborhood Councils Ever Work?

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LA's Neighborhood Councils were established seven years ago with the promise of more grassroots participation in civic affairs.  They were part of the new, reformed City Charter, designed to keep the San Fernando Valley from breaking away. Valley secession was defeated, and the Neighborhood Councils are now being studied by a special Review Commission that will make recommendations for new laws or charter amendments before the end of this year.  Meantime, there's been a recent audit by City Controller Laura Chick and a study by the Civic Engagement Initiative at USC.



  • Diane Corral - Treasurer of the Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council
  • Chris Weare - Research Associate Professor USC’s School of Policy, Planning, and Development
  • Jeff Jacobberger - Member of the Mid-City West Neighborhood Council
  • Greg Nelson - Retired Director, LA Department of Neighborhood Empowerment


Warren Olney