Will Mexico really vote for change?

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Vicente Fox, of the conservative, business-oriented party PAN, says he wants to "bring down the dictatorship" of the PRI, which has ruled Mexico since 1929. Polls show he might be able to do it in the next presidential election, scheduled for July 2. Even some left-leaning thinkers and writers are backing Fox, on the ground that any change would be an improvement after 70 years of the PRI. But the PRI is fighting back with charges that Fox, a rancher, Coca-Cola executive and former state Governor, is a loose cannon who could become a dangerous autocrat.
On this program, the latest on the most competitive presidential campaign in Mexican history. Guests include top level officials from each party and top analysts from both Mexico and the U.S.
On Reporter's Notebook, a Time Magazine Washington correspondent on the crucial vote for Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China today in the House.



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