Will Orange County Trade the Airport for a Park?

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The former El Toro Marine Base in southern Orange County, now zoned to become a commercial airport, would take the pressure off John Wayne Airport in the northern part of the county. Since 1994, voters have approved that use of the property three times. Next week, they will be asked a fourth time. But this time, Measure W will allow voters to choose a great metropolitan park similar to San Diego's Balboa Park. We hear both sides of the controversy that never seems to end, in a conversation with Irvine Mayor Larry Agran and Barbara Lichman, who chairs political action for the Newport Beach-based Airport Working Group.
  • Newsmaker: California Asks Feds to Void Long-Term Contracts
    Last year Governor Davis boasted that he had kept the lights on in California by signing 43 billion dollars worth of long-term contracts with producers of electrical power. Today, at his urging, state agencies asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to declare those same contracts null and void. Jason Leopold, LA bureau chief for the Dow Jones Newswires, says it's unlikely the FERC will oblige.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Grammy's Don't Move Teenagers
    Grammy night, just 48 hours away, is the most important night of the year for the music business. Featured performers will include Tony Bennett, Billy Joel and Patti LaBelle. But what about the music preferred by teenagers, the industry's most sought-after demographic? Glendale High School student Erika Solomon cautions that neither the awards nor the music appear on her adolescents' radar. (On tape from Youth Radio, an award-winning media-training program for teenagers.)

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