Will Proposition 1A Protect Local Government Revenues?

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Fifteen of the 16 measures on next week's ballot are numbered from 59 upward, but the first one is labeled 1A. Are election officials trying to confuse the voters? For years, California cities and counties have complained that the state legislature enacts laws that require them to do things but doesn't come up with the money to pay for the costs. So, they put Proposition 65 on next week's ballot. But after working out a deal with Governor Schwarzenegger, now they're asking you not to vote for Prop 65 but for Prop 1A instead. Chris McKenzie, executive director of the League of California Cities, explains how 65 morphed into 1A and why opponents won't talk about either one of them out loud.
  • Making News: Can Secretary of State Kevin Shelley Survive?
    The political career of California's Secretary of State Kevin Shelley is about to come to an end, according to a Republican strategist who predicts he'll be forced out by fellow Democrats in the legislature, lose in the next primary or, even before that, suffer a recall. Gary Delsohn of the Sacramento Bee reports on allegations against Shelley as well as what's at stake for Shelley, his possible rivals and the state of California.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bobby Shriver Joins Race for Santa Monica City Council
    When the City of Santa Monica threatened to fine him $25,000 a day because his hedge was too high, the nephew of the late President John Kennedy and brother-in-law of Arnold Schwarzenegger became a candidate for the Santa Monica City Council. Jorge Casuso, who covers politics for SurfSantaMonica.com, has more on the character, political constituency and candidacy of Bobby Shriver.

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