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LA based indie pop boy band mmmonika are extra lovable for showcasing their vulnerable side as they express hard emotions via "Swamp Time!."

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In 2015, the LA Fire Department became one of the first in the nation to create a drone program. The fleet has become essential to combating fires.

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Taking a leap of faith into the unknown is what prompted the Brooklyn duo Overcoats to base their song on the tarot card "The Fool."

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This is Rob Long and on today’s Martini Shot although I am not technically a licensed pilot I do pilot a plane to takeoff. A real plane. Into the sky.

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Presidential debates have become reality TV, and performance is more important than substance.

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Now that Disney owns a majority stake in Hulu, the streaming service is seeing some changes, especially when it comes to content from FX.

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The public impeachment hearings roll on.

from LRC Presents: All the President's Lawyers

Josh and Ken discuss an eventful day of impeachment testimony.

from LRC Presents: All the President's Lawyers

Although the extent of our lawless detention program in Guantanamo Bay is something many Americans know little about, it affects us all.

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