Damien Goodman

Founder of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition

Founder of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition

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"Just Jazz" with LeRoy Downs. Downs' goal is to bring a varied sonic experience to jazz, while blending music, style, and culture.

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Josh, David and Tim discuss the pay-fors of Democrats’ big spending plans, a looming government shutdown, the debate about booster shots, and California’s failed recall election.

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David Lynch Theater Presents: Weather Report for September 21, 2021.

Featuring selections that range from carefully curated music from around the world with unique gems and quality tracks that will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning music…

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Anne Litt hosts unexpected choices in progressive pop and new rhythms.

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Anthony and Novena kick off your Tuesday with the latest from DJ Nu Mark, who covers a Snoop Dog classic on the cumbia tip with a little help from LA’s Jungle Fire.

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After the fatal stabbing of an unhoused military veteran outside the VA in Brentwood last week, county officials say they plan to move everyone at the camp into housing by the end of…

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An infectious harmony of varied sounds and melodies that bridge cultures and genres.

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After the success of a hit single, 13 year old Stevie Wonder's voice was changing from puberty and he was in a bit of a slump. Berry Gordy was even ready to drop him from Motown.

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