Haim Malka

Center of Strategic and International Studies


Deputy Director of the Middle East Program at the Center of Strategic and International Studies, and author of Crossroads: The Future of the US-Israel Strategic Partnership   

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This week, we’re letting the music speak for itself.

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A balanced diet of indie grooves, modern psych, alternative R&B and straight up rock and roll.

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As a bassist to the stars, you won’t find many solos on Saya Gray’s debut album “19 Masters.”

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Panelists discuss the bipartisan deal struck in the Senate on gun safety, as well as the testimony of Republican election officials who stood up to former President Donald Trump’s…

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With Baz Luhrmann and an endorsement from Elvis’ estate, Warner Bros. hopes to cash in with their new feature film “Elvis.”

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KCRW wants to know: How will the elimination of federally-protected abortion rights change your life?

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The Supreme Court has struck down Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case establishing a nationwide right to an abortion. Now - millions of Americans will lose access to abortion care.

LA has been preparing for more traveling patients seeking abortions. Meanwhile, anti-abortion advocates plan to now focus on states like California where the procedure remains legal.

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New releases in all genres.

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