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Danish producer Trentemoller pairs constricted guitar work and dripping atmosphere with Lina Tullgren's sultry vocals. Listen as they build a diaphanous soundscape.

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Rock the jam session and STAY FANATIC!!!

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As the season winds down, Conor O'Brien aka Villagers says: "Summer's Song is the closest I'll ever get to writing a pure pop song.

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To find the oldest continuously operating tortilleria in Southern California, you need to hop on the 10 Freeway and drive all the way to the outskirts of downtown Indio to Arriola’s…

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Last November's Woolsey Fire burned down hundreds of homes in LA and Ventura counties.

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Most people don't think California was a slave state, but its presence on the West Coast predates the arrival of enslaved Africans in 1619.

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Future beats and a mind-melting mix of fuzz, bass, and funk.

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Since March some 387 Boeing 737 Max jets have been grounded by regulators and airlines with no end in sight. Boeing profits have tanked. Last month the company recorded its biggest ever quarterly loss and deliveries are at their lowest since 2012. Boeing says it expects the plane to return to service by the end of this year, as it continues to focus on the plane’s software system, thought to be the cause of both plane crashes. Boeing’s crisis highlights a problem beyond flight safety. The aircraft manufacturer chose to prioritize big spending on CEO compensation and stock buybacks rather than reinvest profits on its employees, infrastructure and R and D. Last year alone, Boeing’s chief executive Dennis Muilenburg took home $30 in compensation and gains from options. Buybacks over investment; the financial strategy that’s great for shareholders but may well have cost Boeing the public’s trust.

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Julianne Moore joins us with her husband, writer-director Bart Freundlich, to talk about their careers and their new drama, ‘After the Wedding,’ the fourth film they’ve made together.

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