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Host of 'Liza Richardson'

Anchoring Saturday nights from 8pm to 10, Liza Richardson has hosted and produced a radio show on NPR's Santa Monica, CA flagship 89.9 KCRW since 1991.

A musical chameleon, Liza has hosted a number of specialty shows on KCRW's ariwaves in the past, from the groundbreaking mix of spoken word and music, Man In The Moon to the alt-country / Latin-alternative focused, Rancho Loco to the uptempo dance music show, The Drop. Liza is known for her exceptionally diverse musical vocabulary, and her current radio show displays that with a wild blend of all genres including dance music, indie rock, deep cuts, retro roots and party jams from around the world.

An assiduous independent music supervisor for ads, films and TV shows, Liza's credits include the first handful of iPod silhouette spots, films Y Tu Mama Tambien (Grammy nominated), Curious George, Lords of Dogtown, Surf's Up, The Kids Are All Right and Hotel Transylvania.

Liza music supervised all five seasons of Friday Night Lights and currently helms Parenthood, Hawaii Five-0 and The Following. She was named one of 2010's Women of Impact by Variety and was recognized by her peers, The Guild of Music Supervisors, as 2011's TV Music Supervisor of The Year.

Liza is from Phoenix, AZ and holds a BFA in Theater and Dance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.

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