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KCRW's all-music channel blending the collected talents and tastes of all KCRW's DJs into a single voice streaming 24 hours a day.

from Eclectic 24

Brooklyn’s Parquet Courts are back with their post indie punk sounds, and mixing in a little psychedelia for good measure.

from Morning Becomes Eclectic

From “Back to the Future” to “The Jetsons,” when pop culture imagines the future, it often includes flying cars.

from Greater LA

Fanatic! No way! September is ending? That was fast. We’ve been working on the October shows for weeks. In fact, next week’s dose is with Engineer X right now.

from Henry Rollins

NPR’s California Newsroom partnered with Stanford University’s Environmental Change and Human Outcomes Lab to map the increasing prevalence of wildfire smoke across the United States.

from KCRW Features

Raul Campos creates a mix of emerging artists and current favorites, bringing essential cuts from around the world and a little closer to home -- from soulful grooves and fresh remixes…

from Raul Campos

Western wildfires pose a much broader threat to human health than to just those forced to evacuate the path of the blazes.

from KCRW Features

A close look at the health benefits of dairy products suggests the recommended 3 glasses of milk a day may not be a healthy choice.

from Second Opinion

Journalist Stephen Davis documents in detail the lead up, cover up and aftermath of a 1990 hostage crisis that few recall.

from Scheer Intelligence