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Thousands of people listen to KCRW's live streaming and archived audio every day. Here's a guide to getting the most from KCRW's online audio. We currently have two options for listening to and watching KCRW's audio and video content, the "New Media Player" and the "Legacy Player."

KCRW's New Media Player

The New Media Player is a flash-based interactive player that allows users to listen to KCRW's three streaming channels (Live, Music, and News), browse archives in both audio and video, view playlists, download podcasts, create your own channel of favorite programs, purchase music from Amazon and iTunes, share, email, as well as embed the player on social networking sites, all while listening.  


We recommend using a high-speed internet connection for the best user experience.

The player works best with the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox, and Safari or Firefox on Mac OS X.

The FREE Flash player 9 plug-in is required.

UPDATE (11.01.12) - If you are experiencing issues with streaming live audio, please update your version of Flash to the latest beta (11.5) here:



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I can play streaming audio just fine, but videos fail to start.

This is possibly due to your network restricting traffic to port 1935 (RTMP). Contact your system administrator to resolve this problem.

Live streams work fine, but archived shows are in a permanent state of buffering.

Check your firewall settings and make sure that * is unblocked.

The playlist is out of sync with whats playing -- what gives?

KCRW's music shows are created in real-time, by real DJs, playing music from any source they can get their hands on (CDs, vinyl, MP3, etc). So presenting tracklists accurately (like the juke box stations) is more of a challenge. Each song is manually entered in the studio and if that is delayed by a few minutes it is reflected in a track list that starts to lag.

I'm experiencing high CPU usage listening in Firefox/Safari.

Download the latest version of Firefox and/or upgrade to the latest Flash Player.

Here's an overview of some of the features:

Tune in to KCRW with the click of a button, three channels - Live, Music and News - streaming 24/7.



Share and email links of your favorite shows with friends. Podcasts and download KCRW's world-famous news and talk shows, select Morning Becomes Eclectic performances and Today's Top Tune - right from the player.


MAIN PLAYER WINDOW (left hand side)


Presents the show you are listening to from the live streams or the on-demand archives.




Click on "Track List" to find out what our DJs are playing. View track lists of your favorite music shows and buy them online from iTunes and Amazon (and support KCRW while doing so. We get a small percentage of each purchase).




Recommended and recent shows that change with the program that you're listening to. Select Morning Becomes Eclectic, and get a list of recent performances right at your fingertips.




Listen and browse at the same time. Now you can easily find past shows from our archives right within the media player. features over 6,000 shows. More shows from our archives are added every week!

Click "listen" or "watch" to play immediately or click [+] to add to My Channel.




Customize your listening experience in two ways - no log-in required:


1. Add your favorite "Shows" - archived performances, stories, interviews, or commentaries - to My Shows to create a list of favorites.

2. Add your favorite "Programs" to My Programs to listen to the latest show from that program. The channel will refresh automatically as new shows become available.




1. Click [black +] to add a Program or a [red +] to add a Show

2. Click [-] to remove a Program or Show from the channel

3. Re-order as desired by clicking and dragging

4. Listen. Watch. Enjoy


Legacy Player

The Legacy Player offers KCRW's audio On Demand and archive files in the Real, Quicktime and Windows Media formats as well as the archived video in the Real Player Format.

To listen to or watch the archives that are available in the Quicktime, Real Player, or Windows Media Player formats the below players need to be installed:

Quicktime (for audio archives)

Real Player (for audio/video archives available in this format)

Windows Media Player (for Windows Media)


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How do I access the three differenet formats in the Legacy Player?

Once the player is open, click on "Media Player Settings" on the top right of the player.

Why doesn't Windows Media audio play, even though I have Windows Media Player installed?

The Legacy Player will only play Windows Media audio on Windows based operating systems running Microsoft Internet Explorer.

General Audio Questions

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What audio is available on offers live streaming as well as archives of our broadcast programming. KCRW offers three live, 24 hour streams: KCRW Live (simulcast), Music (all music) and World News (all news).

Our online audio archives allow listeners to replay, at their convenience, nearly all of KCRW programs after the original air date. While comprehensive, not every program aired on KCRW is available for archive listening. Archives of the programs not produced by KCRW can be found through the link to their websites provided on their respective program page (News, Music, Talk), and National Public Radio news programs are archived on

Where do I find audio to listen to?

KCRW offers three live streams via our New Media Player. To open the media player, click on one of the three channels listed at the top of each page of our website: Live, Music or News.

Links to the archived audio can be found on our archives page as well as on the program pages of KCRW programs. All of KCRW's programs are listed on the KCRW A-Z page as well as on their respective catagory page (music, news or talk). Click the blue listen button Listen to listen in the New Media Player.

Click the gray listen button Listen to listen through the Legacy Player which offers audio in Real, Quicktime, and Windows Media.

Where do I find video to watch?

Live video links Watch for musical performances will appear on the home page and on the Morning Becomes Eclectic program page at the time of the live performance. Shortly after the performance, archived video of the performance will be posted to the show page. All video on the KCRW website is currently in the Real Media format and requires the Real Player be installed on your computer, even though the video will play through our embedded media player.

Not all musical performances feature a video archive. We are in the process of updating links to our past video archive of Morning Becomes Eclectic. If you come across a video link that does not work, please let us know.

What happened to the 128k MP3 streams I used to listen to in iTunes?

They're still here! To listen to our highest quality live streams via iTunes, click the iTunes link once located on the "New Media Play."

Another way to listen to KCRW's 128k MP3 stream is through iTunes directly via the "Radio" setting on the left side under the "Eclectic" category.

I have the KCRW stream bookmarked on my desktop (or in iTunes). Why isn't the live stream launching anymore?

If changes are made to our stream, your bookmarks may be affected. To update your bookmark, go to the KCRW Media Player for the stream you listen to and re-save the stand-alone audio stream as a shortcut.

When I listen to a live stream, the sound cuts out. Why?

There are a few explanations for why this may occur.

Your Internet connection may be too slow for the stream you are trying to listen to especially if you try to listen while doing something else on the internet at the same time. There may be temporary problems on the Internet somewhere between our audio servers and your computer. There may be a problem with your computer hardware or software.

Recommended players

KCRW recommends the latest free versions of the following players:

KCRW's New Media Player

iTunes (for MP3 streams and Podcasts)

WinAmp (for MP3 streams)

Quicktime (for audio archive and MP3 streams)

Real Player (for audio archives)

Windows Media Player (for Windows Media archives)


Podcasting Questions


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Talk to us! If you have questions or comments, please contact us.