Talk: UpClose with Catherine Keener

UpClose with Catherine Keener
A conversation with Elvis Mitchell, presented by KCRW and NPR

A first-of-its-kind collaboration between NPR and KCRW to create an exclusive and ongoing series of conversations featuring on-air personalities with special guests from across the cultural landscape.

"The fun of sitting with Catherine Keener in the first KCRW and NPR UpClose collaboration was getting the chance to see - and hear - that insinuating and expressive laugh of hers... well, up close. It gives away so much of her, and conveys reflection, vulnerability, eagerness. I'm not inclined to say much more about the talk because I don't like giving things away. I just hope you enjoy her thoughtfulness and spontaneity as much as I did."
-- Elvis Mitchell, host of The Treatment

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About The Event
KCRW's Elvis Mitchell and indie-favorite actress, Catherine Keener engaged in an open-ended and unscripted conversation about her career at the launch of UpClose: a new collaboration between Santa Monica public radio station KCRW and public radio network, NPR, producing live cultural events designed as exclusive web content for the sites operated by the two non-commercial media entities: and The video and audio will be posted on July 7.

About The Series
UPCLOSE presented by KCRW and NPR

A first-of-its-kind collaboration between NPR and KCRW to create exclusive and ongoing online cultural content, this series of live events called UpClose will take at NPR West in Culver City, featuring NPR and KCRW on-air personalities in conversation with a variety of special guests from across the cultural landscape.