Blogging in the Business
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Blogging in the Business

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In an industry where honesty is such a lonely word, the creator of a hit TV show says what he thinks on line. We talk to Kurt Sutter of Sons of Anarchy about his blog, Sutterink.  Plus an Academy Award-winning writer on how show business is like every other business we know.

Some of Sutter's favorite TV-biz websites/blogs:
TV by the Numbers
TV Squad
TV Tattle

Some of Sutter's favorite crisics' blogs:
Tim Goodman
Alan Sepinwall
Maureen Ryan
James Poniewozik

Some of Sutter's favorite motorcycle blogs:
Biker News
Northwest Harley blog
Rippin Kitten
Fat Bob's blog

Some of Sutter's favorite sobriety blogs

Other blogs Kurt loves:
visual blog/michael ornstein -


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