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Tom Schnabel's Rhythm Planet

Tom Schnabel's Rhythm Planet

Tom Schnabel features the latest and best in jazz and international music, with an emphasis on new Brazilian, European, African, and Tropical Latin music. Find more from Tom on his Rhythm Planet blog.

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Cesaria Evora: A Short Celebration of Cape Verde's #1 Artist

Rhythm Planet highlights memorable music from Cesaria Evora's career. more >>

Bass Players: Can't Get No Respect

This week Rhythm Planet listens to bass players. more >>

The Hang: Strange UFO-Type Instrument

This week RP checks out another unusual musical instrument, the hang. more >>

The Kora: Africa's Beautiful Harp-Lute

This week Rhythm Planet explores of the beauties of the African kora. more >>

Naima: John Coltrane's Timeless Ballad

8 versions of Coltrane's timeless ballad "Naima" more >>

New Releases

Rhythm Planet showcases more new releases. more >>

Short Genealogy of the Tenor Saxophone

On this week's Rhythm Planet program, we focus on the modern evolution of that most jazzy of instruments, the tenor sax. more >>

3 Big Carnival Celebrations Begin This Weekend

This week Rhythm Planet goes to New Orleans, Trinidad & Tobago, and Brazil for Carnival more >>

A Dozen Choice New Releases

This week Rhythm Planet celebrates a dozen new CD releases. more >>

For Valentine's Day: The Dark Side of Love

Anti-Valentine's Day songs to mark the other side of romance. more >>

Women Poets Celebrated in Music

This week Rhythm Planet celebrates the poetry of American and English poets set to music by Swiss singer Susanne Abbuehl. more >>

New Eclectic Releases

This week Rhythm Planet spins some new and noteworthy releases, including jazz, Brazilian, world music from Tunisia and Shanghai, and more. more >>

Miles Davis Box Set Coincides with His First Art Collection

Rhythm Planet checks out two impressive new Miles Davis releases: The Complete Mono Recordings 1955-1961 and The Collected Artwork more >>

World Music Artists On Tour in February

Rhythm Planet checks out 4 great world artists on tour in February: 2 Malian, one Spanish, one Brazilian. more >>

Tom's Top Tunes to Kick Off 2014

Tom's top picks for January 2014 more >>
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Tom Schnabel

Cesaria Evora, Buena Vista Social Club, Ravi Shankar, Caetano Veloso, Bebel Gilberto…regular fixtures on the KCRW playlists, but world music didn’t used to have a home on radio in the U.S. That is, until Tom Schnabel started Morning Becomes Eclectic as KCRW's first music director in the 80’s, and made it his mission to expand LA’s horizons.


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