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Photo: Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) speaks to reporters after announcing he will not run for re-election, on Capitol Hill in Washington, October 24, 2017. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Pence casts tie vote to strip consumer financial protections 6 MIN, 31 SEC

Late last night, Vice President Mike Pence broke a tie vote in the Senate, which sent a measure to President Trump eliminating a rule by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to allow consumers to sue banks.  Democrat Elizabeth Warren was outraged, calling the bill "a giant wet kiss to Wall Street." Jessica Silver-Greenberg covered the vote for the New York Times.

Jessica Silver-Greenberg, New York Times (@jbsgreenberg)

A never-Trump Republican senator says, 'Never more…' 32 MIN, 17 SEC

First term Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake is a staunch conservative, and he's voted the Party line — as defined by President Trump. But yesterday, Flake stunned his colleagues by announcing he won't run for a second term because of the President's behavior, which he called "reckless, outrageous and undignified."

He told his colleagues Trump is "undermining" our democratic norms and ideals." Will other Republicans just say, "no," like Bob Corker of Tennessee? Or has the GOP become Trump's party?

McKay Coppins, The Atlantic (@mckaycoppins)
Vin Weber, Mercury/Clark & Weinstock
Ben Domenech, The Federalist / Heartland Institute (@bdomenech)
E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic (@ejmontini)

Coppins on the tragedy of Jeff Flake
Coppins on Jeff Flake's gamble
Domenech on Flake authenticating the party of Trump
Montini says Flake chickened out

The Wilderness

McKay Coppins

Is Xi Jinping set to be the world's most powerful man? 9 MIN, 55 SEC

Mao Zedong, the founder of Communist China almost destroyed the country with one-man rule. After that, there was government by a consensus of leaders, until Deng Xiaoping became first among many. This week, President Xi Jinping was elevated to similar status -- with his name in the Constitution like Mao's and Deng's. In an address to the Party Congress, Xi cautioned, "We must continue to rid ourselves of any virus that erodes the party's fabric and make great efforts to foster a healthy political environment of integrity and generate waves of positive energy throughout the party."

China's President Xi Jinping waves after addressing the a meeting with the media
at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China October 25, 2017.

What will President Trump need to know when he goes there next week? We speak with Max Baucus, the former US senator who became Barack Obama's Ambassador to China.

Max Baucus, American diplomat

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