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Vice President Biden today said, “nothing has touched the hearts of the American people’ like the bodies of children “riddled with bullets.” He promised action in Washington, backed by gun owners, like former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, a shooting victim. She, New York Mayor Bloomberg and others are pledging big money to overcome the political clout of the NRA.Will talk of “responsible ownership” and “violence reduction” overcome fears of confiscation and erosion of the 2nd Amendment? Also, we talk about the hottest year in American history and about Obama picking Lew to Replace Geithner as Treasury Secretary.

Making News Obama Picks Lew to Replace Geithner as Treasury Secretary 7 MIN, 33 SEC

Unnamed White House sources are now confirming that Jack Lew, the President’s Chief of Staff, will be nominated tomorrow to replace Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Hans Nichols broke the story earlier this week for Bloomberg News. 


Hans Nichols, Bloomberg Television (@HansNichols)

Main Topic Will the Newtown Massacre be the “Tipping Point” for Gun Control? 35 MIN, 10 SEC

The slaughter of children in Newtown, Connecticut has infused new energy into the gun control movement.  Will a new strategy sound like good politics to some Republicans?  Will there be enough money to challenge the power of the NRA? Vice President Joe Biden talked to reporters today before meeting with a group of gun control advocates.  He said the Newtown, Connecticut massacre has created a requirement for “immediate action…” Biden said he’ll meet tomorrow with the NRA and the Gun Owners of America—to hear their views and try to find common ground. 

John Gramlich, Congressional Quarterly (@johngramlich)
Adam Winkler, University of California, Los Angeles (@adamwinkler)
Jim Tomes, Indiana State Senate
Mark McKinnon, No Labels (@mmckinnon)
Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review (@charlescwcooke)

Reporter's Notebook 2012 Was U.S.’ Hottest Year on Record By a Full Degree Fahrenheit 7 MIN, 56 SEC

The US is heating up faster than ever, and last year was the hottest on record.  Has climate change  become a fact of everyday life? Last year was the hottest in more than 100 years of record-keeping in the contiguous United States—and well above average for the 20th Century.  Scientists say that climate change is more than a problem for the distant future.  It’s a fact of every day life. Yesterday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued sobering statistics about America’s climate.

Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post (@eilperin)


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