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Three stories about the obstacles that come between us and those we love. It might be great distance, maybe global politics, or even our own idealistic expectations.

Note: This episode originally aired on February 13, 2015.

Photo: Roger

Bob Carlson

The Joseph and Hun Show 5 MIN, 42 SEC

A story about a couple in a remote Canadian village who have no idea that their long-distance relationship is captivating the entire town.

Willow Yamauchi is a storyteller and freelance broadcaster from Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is the author of Adult Child of Hippies and Bad Mommy. Story produced by Nick White.

Willow Yamauchi
Courtesy Willow Yamauchi

The float house where Willow tuned in to Joseph and Hun
Courtesy Willow Yamauchi

Love across the Iron Curtain 11 MIN, 45 SEC

In 1985 Gabriele was hitchhiking in East Germany, where she lived. By chance she was given a ride by a visiting American named Mark. They fell in love, but these were the days when the Berlin Wall was still standing. Mark and Gabriele continued their relationship and the only thing standing between them was an iron curtain.

Produced by Kerstin Zilm, an independent producer from Germany now based in Los Angeles, edited by Nick White. Mark and Gabriele Hayes are currently working on a documentary called Skid Row Marathon.

Mark and Gabriele's wedding in 1989
Courtesy Gabriele Hayes

Mark and Gabriele Hayes return to the Berlin Wall as documentary filmmakers
Courtesy Gabriele Hayes

A Real Girl 11 MIN, 2 SEC

Moulty played in a 60s garage group called The Barbarians. He was notable for the fact that he played drums despite having a hook for a left hand. One of the band's best known songs was named for Moulty himself. In the song, he speaks about wanting to find his one true love, "a girl, A REAL girl." Over 40 years later a reporter tries to find out whether Moulty's dream ever came true.

Produced by Alex Kapelman. An earlier version of this story first aired on the podcast Pitch, where Alex Kapelman is a producer, and the HowSound podcast.

Moulty (left) on the cover of The Barbarians LP

Moulty today
Courtesy Alex Kapelman


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