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Iraq's Brain-Drain; Latin America's Anti-Americanism

In Iraq, more evidence of growing disorder.  Plus, Latin America, a low priority for the US since the Reagan Administration.

Making News

More Kidnappings, Iraqis Leave the Country in Large Numbers ()

Baghdad today experienced what may be the largest mass kidnapping since the US invasion as 150 people were abducted from four floors of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Women were separated and locked in a room.  The men were taken away in SUV's.  Meantime, the United Nations, which has been helping Iraqi refugees to return home in the wake of the US invasion, reports that nearly 100,000 people are now leaving the country every month. The UN is concerned about the humanitarian crisis caused by so many refugees. Who are these refugees and where are they going? What does that mean for Iraq's long-term stability?


Main Topic

Anti-Americanism on the Left in Latin America ()

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is more critical of the US than Osama bin Laden. Now Ronald Reagan's old nemesis has been re-elected President of Nicaragua. In the 1980's the Reagan administration helped finance the Nicaraguan Contras in their bloody civil war against Daniel Ortega, the radical leftist Sandinista who had ousted American-backed dictator Anastasio Somoza. In 1990, Ortega was voted out, and he's been trying to win re-election ever since. This year, Iran-Contra figure Oliver North campaigned against Ortega and the Bush Administration backed his opponent, but Ortega won.  Does he represent the growth of leftist anti-Americanism? Should the US re-engage with its Latin America neighbors south of the border?


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