Obama Speaks Up about Women in the Muslim World
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Obama Speaks Up about Women in the Muslim World

President Obama addressed women's rights during his speech in Cairo yesterday, but did he speak loudly enough? Muslim women still face brutal repression in many countries, but in others they are breaking new ground. Guest host Sara Terry explores the view from the Muslim world, the role the United States should play in championing women's rights in other culture, and the impact of Michelle Obama might have on the changing landscape for women. Also, President Obama makes a historic visit to the Buchenwald concentration camp, and six-figure salaries for elementary school teachers. A New York charter school goes all in for teachers over technology.

Banner image: Kuwaiti MP's Rola Dashti (C), Massuma al-Mubarak (R), Acil al-Awadhi (top) and Salwa al-Jassar (not pictured) attend the inaugural session of the new parliament in Kuwait City on May 31, 2009. Kuwait held a general election on May 16 in which four women were elected for the first time and the number of Islamist deputies was cut by half. Photo:Yasser Al-Zayyat/AFP/Getty Images

Making News

Obama Visits Buchenwald ()

President Obama today visited Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany, with survivor Elie Wiesel. Earlier, he continued his focus on Middle East peace, claiming the "moment is now" to press for an agreement. German Chancellor Angela Merkel joined him in pledging support for creation of a Palestinian state. Joseph Joffe is publisher and editor of the weekly German newspaper Die Zeit.


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Obama Speaks Up about Women in the Muslim World ()

In Pakistan, schools for girls are being burned down by the Taliban. In Afghanistan, a new law was just passed which makes marital rape legal. While in Iran, a presidential candidate's wife hits the campaign trail, and in Kuwait and Iraq, women are winning elections. In Cairo yesterday, president Obama talked about equality and education for Muslim girls and women. Before he spoke, no one was sure if he was even going to talk about women's rights. Did he go far enough? What can a new US administration and a new First Lady do to help forward the cause of women's rights in the Muslim world? How are Muslim women forging their own gains in male-dominated societies?


Reporter's Notebook

New York City Charter School Will Pay Six-Figure Salaries ()

What can an elementary school principal buy with $125,000? Dream jobs for a dream team. Not a basketball franchise or high-tech company, this team is part of a new public charter school in New York, where teachers will earn two and a half times the national average of a teacher's salary. The premise is that higher teacher pay is the key to improving schools. Elissa Gootman has written about the school for the New York Times.


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