Egypt: Ten Days of Protests, Disruption, Continued Uncertainty
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Egypt: Ten Days of Protests, Disruption, Continued Uncertainty

Violence escalated overnight in Cairo's Tahrir Square. During the day, journalists from NPR, the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, al-Jazeera and other news outlets were detained and in some cases roughed up by the pro-government groups. But the new Prime Minister, a recent appointee of Hosni Mubarak, has apologized and promised that forces behind the violence will be held to account. Also, the discovery of more than 1200 new planets that might have life.

Banner image: Foreign journalists and Egyptian anti-government demonstrators take cover behind makeshift shields during clashes with pro-regime opponents (not seen) at Cairo's Tahrir Square on February 3, 2011. Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images

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Egypt: Ten Days of Disruption and Continued Uncertainty ()

In Cairo's Tahrir Square today, pro-government forces escalated attacks on anti-government protesters. There have been gunfire and reports of some fatalities. Reporters and camera crews from the international news media are being assaulted and detained, apparently to remove witnesses of the crackdown. At the same time, President Hosni Mubarak's new Prime Minister apologized for the violence, and the army began to separate the battling factions. We talk with residents of Cairo about the disruption of their lives and how a political transition might be accomplished, and hear how the Obama Administration is trying to influence events.


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A Plenitude of Planets ()

Astronomers are receiving what they've been waiting for from NASA's Kepler planet-hunting satellite: the discovery of new planets in Earth's Milky Way galaxy that might be habitable. Some 1,235 possible planets have been discovered orbiting other stars.  If they're confirmed, that would triple the number of known planets. Lisa Kaltenegger is an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.


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