Montana, Citizens United and Government Corruption
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Montana, Citizens United and Government Corruption

In the Citizens United case, the US Supreme Court took the limits off political contributions by wealthy people and corporations in the interests of free speech. The State of Montana calls that an invitation to government corruption. Will the high court take another look? We hear from the Governor of Montana and others. Also, is Assad losing control in Syria? On Reporter’s Notebook, massive debris from Japan's tsunami ends up in Oregon.

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Making News

Assad Losing Control in Syria? ()

Trying to reach the site of another reported massacre in Syria UN monitors were shot at with small arms today. That's according to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Borzou Daragahi, who covers the Middle East and North Africa for the Financial Times, reports from Cairo.


Main Topic

Free Speech and Government Corruption ()

The US Supreme Court has ordered Montana to abolish historic limits on campaign contributions to comply with its 2010 Citizens United decision. Montana says, "No," insisting that money is already corrupting state politics for the first time in 100 years. Reformers claim Citizens United created this year's Super PAC's and billion-dollar campaigns funded by corporations and wealthy people. Will the Supreme Court take another look, or are "reformers" trying to impose limits on free speech they just don't like?


Reporter's Notebook

Giant Dock, Tsunami Debris Wash Ashore in Oregon ()

Officials in Oregon are facing the daunting challenge of what to do with a Japanese ship dock, torn from its moorings by last year's tsunami, now washed up on a popular state beach.  How did it float thousands of miles across the Pacific without anyone seeing it? Lori Tobias, who reports for The Oregonian, has been working on a story about debris from Japan's disaster. Now the story has arrived almost on her doorstep, in the form of a floating dock on Agate Beach.





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