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LAX and Passenger Safety

Last week two jetliners came within 37 feet of each other, rekindling the battle over expanding Los Angeles International Airport. The Federal Aviation Administration says the northern runways are not safe enough but they lack the authority to tell local officials what to do.  Surrounding communities are against expansion, even though 5 studies said it was needed. Also tonight, the state budget imperils new mass transit projects and decongesting the freeways. 

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Safety, Capacity and the Ongoing Battle for LAX’s North Side ()

Marion Blakey, head of the FAA, was in town today at the request of the Greater Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. It wants Los Angeles International Airport expanded so that LA can stay competitive with other West Coast cities.  Passenger safety is also an issue, especially after two jet airliners came within 37 feet of each other last week on the northern part of the airport.  We begin the show with Ian Gregor, a spokesman for Marion Blakey. 


Reporter's Notebook

Hello Budget, Goodbye Transportation Funds ()

Last year voters approved Proposition 1B to improve transportation.  But the Governor and the Legislature played a “shell game” in passing the budget and, “we all got hoodwinked.” 

  • Roger Snoble: Chief Executive of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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