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What If California Budget Propositions Fail?

The latest poll shows the budget measures on next month's ballot are likely to be defeated, even though voters think that could lead to financial chaos. What's the message for Sacramento? On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, President Obama today thanked Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter for switching parties. Will the Senator be a better Democrat than he was a Republican? Has the GOP gone too far Right for the centrists and independents who decide most elections?

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The Obama Agenda and the Fate of the GOP ()

obama.jpgPresident Obama went to St. Louis, Missouri today to mark his hundredth day in office. He reviewed his accomplishments and said it would take hard work to achieve the rest of his goals. Yesterday, he got a boost in that direction when Arlen Specter switched parties. Or did he? The Pennsylvania Senator drove a hard bargain, and skeptics say he’ll be no more reliable as a Democrat than he was as a Republican. But, while Specter might have been a Republican in name only, is he leaving a party that’s now so ideologically pure its nominees can’t win general elections?

White House photo: Pete Sauza


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California Voters Have a Message Sacramento May Not Want to Hear ()

With the least number of possible votes, the Legislature and Governor Schwarzenegger put six measures on a special election that will take place in just three weeks. They would implement the budget deal worked out in one of the longest and most acrimonious sessions in state history. Today, the Field Poll released survey results which indicate that it will be a “send-them-a-message election.”

Proposition 1a: Limits State Spending, Establishes Rainy Day Stabilization Fund
Proposition 1b: Education Funding
Proposition 1c: Lottery Modernization Act
Proposition 1d: Protects Children’s Services Funding
Proposition 1e: Mental Health Services Funding
Proposition 1f: Elected Officials’ Salaries



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